Maped Helix have been producing quality school stationery to help children and teens through their education for over 130 years. Helix has a worldwide reputation for quality stationery and is well known for using its traditional values of product development and applying them to modern day curriculum requirements. The Helix and Oxford brands became part of the Maped family in 2012. Maped is a family owned company and has grown to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of school stationery. The traditional education ranges from Helix and Oxford are complemented by Maped's range of design-led and innovative products for school.

Jungle Innovation - MapedHelixJungle Innovation - Color'Peps Felt Tip Stand

An innovative patented solution from MAPED to lost caps and drying out pens. The Jungle Felt Tip stand has the caps integrated into the base so that the pens are removed leaving the caps in the base. The base collapses when not in use and can be easily transported or stored.

Ideal for class and group work enabling several children access to the pens at one time. Supplied high quality pens are washable with medium conical blocked tips and are available in bright colours. Pens can be replaced from standard Color'peps packs.

Bunny Innovation Pencil Sharpener - MapedHelixBunny Innovation Pencil Sharpener

A fun, innovative pencil sharpener to teach children how to sharpen pencils correctly. The ergonomic shape makes the Bunny Innovation easy and comfortable for young children to hold. The fun design teaches children how to sharpen their pencils correctly as the teeth move up and down when the pencil is turned the correct way. The sharpener also features a convenient canister to collect pencil shavings preventing mess.

Helix Compass - MapedHelixHelix Compass

The traditional Helix metal compass is ideal for use in schools, due to its safety features and ergonomic design. The self-centring mechanism makes it easy for children of all abilities to use while the shortened safety point offers optimum safety. The universal holder makes it suitable for use with any pencil.

Color'peps Gel crayons - MapedHelixColor'peps Gel crayons

A set of soft, watercolour gel crayons that glide smoothly across the page in bright vivid colours with a unique smooth texture which effortlessly gives high coverage. Simply add water to blend colours and create a watercolour effect. Each crayon has a plastic body with a unique twist system to keep hands clean and an ergonomic triangular shaped grip making them comfortable for small hands to hold. The set comes complete with a plastic storage case with a carry handle for easy storage and transportation. Ideal for children aged 3+

Oxford Maths Set - MapedHelixOxford Maths Set

Helix are the creators of the maths set as it is known today and in 1935 launched the Helix Oxford brand with the original Oxford Mathematical Set. The set was the first of its kind, providing a "Complete and Accurate" set of geometry equipment for school children. The current Oxford Maths Set features a traditionally designed tin and contains a self-centring compass and pencil, 15cm ruler, 45° and 60° set squares, 180° protractor, 10mm lettering stencil, eraser, sharpener, timetable and fact sheet. Known across the globe as the world's best maths set and brand leader in the UK, the Helix Oxford Maths Set has sold over 100 million units.


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