Jungle Innovation - MapedHelix

Jungle Innovation (845445) - Color'Peps Felt Tip Stand

An innovative patented solution from MAPED to lost caps and drying out pens. The Jungle Felt Tip stand has the caps integrated into the base so that the pens are removed leaving the caps in the base. The base collapses when not in use and can be easily transported or stored.

Ideal for class and group work enabling several children access to the pens at one time. Supplied high quality pens are washable with medium conical blocked tips and are available in bright colours. Pens can be replaced from standard Color'peps packs.

Kidi Board - MapedHelix

Kidi Board (583710) - Educational board

An A4 sized Transparent Whiteboard. This patented and innovative product enables many learning and educational applications with the ability to insert a sheet behind the board. Supplied complete with five exercises including assisting in the development of writing skills and correct use of a pen. More content and exercises available to download from our website or you can devise your own.

The board is Shatterproof, ultra clean, flexible and has skid proof soft edges to prevent sheets from sliding out from under. Supplied complete with a whiteboard pen and cleaning cloth.

Twin Tip 4 - MapedHelix

Twin Tip 4 (229130) - Four Colour Pen

Four pens in one. This four colour pen has a double tip which means that two colours can be used at the same time. This is ideal for marking etc. Smooth regular writing with a medium tip (0.1mm) and a double soft grip zone right up to the end of the pen means it is comfortable to use, giving optimum control and is suitable for both left and righted handed use. Non refillable with no detachable parts means that it can be safely used in many situations where this is required. Black, Blue, Red & Green colours.


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