The Rochester Bridge Trust

During its 600-year history, the Rochester Bridge Trust has employed some of the best and most well-known civil engineers in the country.

One of its main challenges is to ensure there will be enough skilled, experienced civil engineers to continue to maintain bridges - like those the Trust provides at Rochester in Kent - for centuries to come.

Rochester Bridge Trust - Langdon the Lion

With this in mind, the Trust is keen to give young children the opportunity to be inspired by the fascinating work of civil engineers, demonstrating how they shape every aspect of the world around us.

Chief Executive of the Rochester Bridge Trust Sue Threader is a chartered civil engineer and knows first-hand the value of the profession. She has written a book, Learning about Bridges, with the aim of sharing her enthusiasm and inspiring young people.

Mrs Threader explained: "The book features our education mascot, the enormous but friendly Langdon the Lion, who shares his ideas for teachers and parents to engage children in hands-on ways to discover more about bridges."

Enabling children to try out their ideas and get involved, the book is written for Key Stage 2 with the aim of encouraging youngsters to consider the potential of a career in engineering before they might be influenced by preconceived ideas of the field.

Rochester Bridge Trust - Langdon the Lion

A free copy of Learning about Bridges can be requested by emailing, alternatively visit to download resources.

The Rochester Bridge Trust was established in 1399 to provide passage over, under or across the River Medway.

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