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Nothing fazes us!!!

The Brilliant events team have a wide range of experience in organising awards ceremonies, conferences, seminars and virtual events. From a business lunch to a major black-tie gala dinner, we will project-manage the complete delivery of the event, ensuring that we follow every details required to the letter and add a Brilliant touch!

Our experts are passionate about ensuring that every event is a great success and are on hand constantly to help and advise on design, audio visual production, scriptwriting and negotiations with all supplier/partners but always keeping a keen eye on health & safety regulations, so nothing can go wrong for our guests, sponsor, partners and supporters.

We are a well established events management organisation helping companies develop and implement successful strategic campaigns on a local, regional and national level.

Brilliant Marketing Solutions Ltd.: www.brilliantmarketingsolutions.net

Meet the directors…

CHRIS MILTON | Publishing & Events Director

Email: chris@brilliantmarketingsolutions.net
Tel: 01622 474 011
Mob: 07905 506470

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Chris is Publicity & Events Director for Brilliant and brings a wealth of experience to the company. In his previous life, Chris ran a successful events and publishing team for 15 years within a large media operation, based near London. Chris decided to form BMS to put his knowledge and skills into action. His ability to engage with clients and ensure that ideas are turned into reality makes him a real asset to the company.

Having coordinated and managed hundreds of large events UK wide; including awards ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions, Chris is now responsible for organising every publicity event that BMS manages. He has the innate ability to multitask, effectively communicate and co-ordinate with multiple departments and stakeholders.

In addition to event management, Chris has published magazines, annuals, supplements and a wide variety of B2B publications. He has a real flair for design and accuracy in the printed media form. His financial and analytical skill set enables Chris to deliver projects seamlessly on time and in budget. Friends and colleagues might say in business and in his personal life that he is “too organised”. Chris is also an ace tennis player and waiting for the day they re-name Milton-mount at Wimbledon.

KARIN ALLFREE | PR & Creative Director

Email: karin@brilliantmarketingsolutions.net
Tel: 01622 474 011
Mob: 0797 475 2767

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Karin is Brilliant’s PR & Creative Director. Her background lies firmly within a media and marketing environment, having been a Group Publisher in a large B2B media organisation for a number of years. As Group Publisher she was responsible for the creation and development of print and off-line product business strategies to a wide cross-section of marketplaces; which also included brand creation, research, writing and media monitoring.

Prior to joining Brilliant, Karin was Marketing Manager for BMI Healthcare, coordinating an entire marketing strategy for a diverse range of consumer health products and initiatives; from weight loss campaigns and cosmetic surgery through to general surgery and paediatric care. Her work included public relations, national and regional marketing & advertising promotion and events organisation.

In addition to Karin’s role as PR & Creative Director, she also heads up product delivery within Brilliant, ensuring that campaigns run smoothly and to schedule. Her hands-on experience is essential in formulating consistency throughout a client’s marketing program and her drive ensures that the project is always completed to schedule. In her spare time Karin can usually be found either in the gym or hunting down a bargain pair of killer heels!

YVETTE GREEN | Events Organiser

Email: info@brilliantmarketingsolutions.net