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STAEDTLER is a German stationery manufacturer — most famous for its black and yellow stripy pencil, The Noris School pencil. This iconic pencil has been a staple of UK classrooms since 1901. Noris School has undergone some changes recently with the introduction of STAEDTLER’s new Upcycled Wood manufacturing process. The range of products are made from wood chips, a material that would usually go to waste in this industry. This has allowed STAEDTLER to become more efficient and environmentally friendly by giving even the smallest wood residues a new purpose.

STAEDTLER loves nothing more than providing the education industry with the market’s most reliable and premium quality stationery products, and thanks to the innovative manufacturing process of the Upcycled Wood range, these products are particularly break-resistant and durable.

In 2023, STAEDTLER will be celebrating the launch of the range. Make sure to follow them on their Socials to see the several exciting activities they have planned for the year ahead.

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