Advice for entrants

Make sure you read all the criteria set out on the entry form. Not every product or service will meet all the criteria, but please make life easy for the judges. You know your product or service very well – they don’t.

You must match your entry as closely as possible against the criteria asked for and we ask that you please format your submission to clearly show your answer for each criteria question clearly. Entries that do not match the majority of the criteria will not be considered.

Provide all necessary back-up material: explanations of the purpose of the product or service, how it works, what it aims to do and for whom, including testimonials from schools and colleges. Please try and obtain up to date testimonials from schools and colleges where possible. Do not just print the pages from your website for the judges to read.

Include all information and resources that the judges will need to give your entry a fair hearing, e.g. passwords to enter websites, correct instructions for downloading programs to ensure the product is seen at its best, , statistics if requested, accompanying e-books.

Complete the submission form in its entirety. Each entry must be made on a separate official entry form.

Please note: The judges’ decision is final. The judges will place an entry in a more appropriate category if they think it is applicable. The organisers reserve the right to change deadline dates and categories as appropriate.