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During its 600-year history, the Rochester Bridge Trust has employed some of the best and most well-known civil engineers in the country.

One of its main challenges is to ensure there will be enough skilled civil engineers to continue to maintain bridges – like those the Trust provides at Rochester in Kent – for centuries to come.

Rochester Bridge Trust - Langdon the Lion

With this in mind, the Trust has two Education Officers who facilitate a range of engineering education activities, including community events and after school clubs. This is in addition to the book of lesson plans, Learning about Bridges, which is provided free of charge.

Education Officer Caroline Chisholm explained: “The Trust is keen to spread the word about our learning resources as far as possible, so we have taken part in or facilitated a range of events to help children and educators see how easy it is to be inspired by civil engineering.”

Since the initial publication of Learning about Bridges, the Trust has encouraged a great many young children to consider the potential of civil engineering – a second book is also bring produced to build on the learning activities.

Education Officer Claire Saunders added: “Our book of lesson plans has proved such a success with young people that we are now making arrangements to launch a second volume, further developing our educational offering for schools and home educators.”

Rochester Bridge Trust - Langdon the Lion

The Rochester Bridge Trust was established in 1399 to provide passage over, under or across the River Medway. To find out more or benefit from our free education materials email or visit

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